Care Plan

Your Care Plan is carefully crafted to help you achieve your specific objectives:

  • A series of customized meal plans for every stage of your journey

  • A customized progressive exercise plan with weekly goals

  • Synchronizes with FitBit and Apple Watch

  • Weekly Weight target ranges

  • Other health and wellness goals

  • Care Team oversight with secure inboard messaging

Meal Plans

Meals Plans for every stage of your journey:

  • Up to four meal plans for each stage of your journey

  • Customized for you:

    • Food Choices​

    • Lifestyle - professional, eating out, convenience

    • Food rotation

  • Perfect over time:

    • Add new foods​

    • Substitute food items

    • Save or build your own favorite meals

Calorie Report

Weekly Net Calorie Report

  • The cornerstone of managing your weigh and health

  • Everyday won't be a good day - but weeks count

  • Consistency is the key to success