Care Team

The Care Team module shows you a list of all your Care Providers overseeing your plan and allows you to send them a secure message within this application. This is a fast, private way to communicate and in addition to your healthcare provider you can contact the NutriLynk help desk for any non-clinical issues you may need help with.


The Messages module supplements the Care Team module but differs in that it provides a log of sent and received messages to all providers.


Documents stores all the documents associated with your Care Plan including a copy of your meal plan/s and associated grocery lists. Also you can upload any document you may want to share with your provider or simply a copy of a great recipe you found.


The library is customized by your healthcare provider and for your specific Care Plan and medical conditions. The library gives quality information relevant to your specific health goals.


The NutriLynk module is a comprehensive food and calorie logging tool. Not only does it record your calories consumed but also the macro and micro nutrients consumed. You not only have access to your customized meal plan but there are close to one hundred physician/dietitian approved meal plans to access. All meal plans allow you to generate grocery lists and you can substitute food items on your meal plan/s and build your own portfolio of favorite foods, meals and recipes.


To record the weight, BMI, hip and waist circumference as prescribed in your Care Plan. Your Care Plan will set periodic goals for your body measurements.


To record the activities prescribed in your Care Plan or activities you choose. This module also allows you to set daily/weekly/monthly goals for your activities. This module can also be linked to your wearable device i.e. FitBit or Apple Watch


The Total Calories module records all the calories you burn for each day’s activities. This module can be synced to your wearable device and will show you graphically how many calories were burned.

Easy Log

Easy Log can substitute or supplement detailed logging of calorie intake and help you and your healthcare provider/s monitor and take care of your overall wellness.


My Appointments has details of all your appointments related to your Care Plan. While this module does not sync with your personal calendar it can be synced with your healthcare providers scheduling software.

Meds & Vitamins

The Meds and Vitamins module reminds you take your medications and supplements where applicable and informs your provider/s accordingly. This module can also be used to remind you to drink water or even get up from your desk/chair and stretch several times a day.


Adequate sleep is fundamental to good health and plays a major part in disease management and weight loss. This module can be synced to wearable devices i.e. FitBit, Apple Watch etc.


The Pain module is comprehensive and is used in Care Plans addressing chronic pain issues.


Your Vitals module is your healthcare scorecard. Your Care Plan will set specific targets and goals for your key Metabolic Syndrome Risk factors.


Treatments module has all treatments recommended in your Care Plan. This could include treatments like physical therapy, Nutritional I.V. Infusions, specific counseling etc.


Symptoms module is used to monitor various symptoms during different phases throughout your Care Plan. These symptoms are specific to you and your health issues.