What's Your Exit Strategy?

05/19/20 6:30pm - 05/19/20 7:30pm

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Over the past 30 years as founder and CEO of various successful business in the healthcare market, I’ve found great pleasure in working with entrepreneurial physicians. As co-founder and CEO of Thermi, we spent countless hours developing and executing a strategy to achieve a maximized liquidity event. In 2016 in a very competitive and fast-changing market we realized a multimillion-dollar buyout and were awarded the 2016 Outstanding Healthcare Deal in Dallas-Fort Worth by D Healthcare Daily.
NOW more than ever we all realize that we have little control the events that impact us all and the marketplace. Most physicians don’t have a well thought out Exit Strategy and the old adage remains true: “failing to plan is planning to fail”.  At Thermi, our planning allowed us to be prepared when the rare alignment of the right buyer and the right moment occurred.

Today in real estate it appears that there is a “flight to quality”. Investors have seen that medical practices are a preferred tenant and thus we believe that conditions are right for doctors to take full advantage of profits from their real estate investments. With the right structure they can retain control of their business, and fully realize the future financial benefits of their practice of which they have worked so diligently year after year. We simply want to help physicians plan for their Exit Strategy and properly leverage their present and future assets, because it will dramatically change their lives.

Paul Herchman
MD Partners