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Hair Restoration for Men and Women

Learn how to successfully capture every type of hair patient that walks through your door. Providing solutions for every level of clinical need, at every price range, whether male or female!


Hair loss is no longer the domain of men. With over 30 million women suffering from hair loss, the market has opened with a continuum of non-invasive and surgical procedures. In the last 10 years the market for hair restoration procedures have quadrupled.


The hair restoration landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years including FDA approved surgical and non-invasive options including laser, growth factors and all-natural supplements and topicals. Follicle level digital imaging objectively and accurately monitors patient progress which is key to patient satisfaction. AuraGenics has a wide range of efficacious protocols to cater for all hair loss patients' needs and budgets.

The Opportunity


  • We offer a continuum of hair restoration treatments and protocols according to:

    • Patients clinical needs​

    • Commitment

    • Budget

  • Treatments and protocols:

    • Hair transplant - AuraGraft

    • Laser - AuraLux

    • Diagnostics - AuraMeasure

    • Stem Cell Growth Serum - AuraSerum

    • Topical and Capsule Support - Inside Out Program

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Minimal physician time required. Our highly trained, highly experienced technicians perform procedures under your supervision.

Restoring lost hair with AuraGraft follicular-unit hair extraction provides the most natural-looking, permanent solution for those who are bald or have thinning hair. “AuraGraft Follicular-Unit Extraction and Implantation” is a method by which hair follicles are extracted and redistributed in a manner which duplicates how hairs naturally grow from the scalp.Topical and oral medications may benefit some people with early to moderate hair loss and may also be combined with follicular-unit micrografting. The use of medications to stop or slow down the hair loss process can be discussed during your consultation. Hair pieces, wigs or weaves are difficult to maintain and may present an unnatural appearance. While these solutions are acceptable for some people, hair transplantation using follicular-unit micrografts can provide a more natural look, permanently.

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  • FDA cleared for Female and Male Androgenic Alopecia

  • The AuraLUX has contoured laser diodes at 650nm that completely cover the scalp with measured light stimulation.  The laser light energy increases the blood flow and oxygenation along with cellular metabolism in the scalp using the principle of photobiostimulation

  • Enhances natural cellular activity

  • Non invasive, no pain, no downtime

  • Treats all hair and skin types

  • Computer controlled with easy to use graphical interface

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  • Each treatment is 20 minutes

  • FDA Study:  After 20 treatments, 92% of subjects had increased hair counts of >+10% with 57% demonstrating an increase of 30%.

  • 98% of subjects indicated a medically-significant stabilization of rate of hair loss.

  • Typically doctors charge $2,500 for 20 sessions.  The 20 sessions are recommended to bescheduled 2 per week for first two months, then once a week for next month. A once a month maintenece plane can also be used to cross-market other complimentary aesthetic procedures.

Physician Submitted Results

Patients were treated using ONLY the AuraLux Laser

No Minoxidil (Rogaine)

No Finasteride (Propecia) No Other Therapies


No Transplants

No Other Therapies


AuraLux Specifications

  • Medical Device Regulatory Class: Class II

  • Wavelength: 650 nm (-5 nm / +10 nm)

  • Radiation:

    • Visible Red Light

    • Continuous Wave

    • Uncollimated Beam

  • Laser Delivery: Direct from Source

  • Display:

    • Treatment Time

    • Time Remaining

    • System Run Time

  • Caster Wheels for mobility

  • Warranty:

    • Two (2) year parts and labor warranty on manufacturing defects

    • Additional three (3) year warranty may be purchased.

  • Dimensions:

    • Laser Base: 22.7 x 22.7 inches

    • Cabinet Height: 39.6 inches tall

    • Max Height (arm closed): 63.9 inches tall

    • Total Laser Weight: 222 lbs. (101 kg)

  • Product Life:

    • 10,000 hours or 7 years


Diagnostic Station

  • Quantifiable methods for the analysis of human hair growth and hair loss are necessary for patients seeking guidance. Patients with hair loss are not necessarily bald and the effects of treatment attempts can be hard to measure 

  • Consequently…

  • There is a need to determine whether the patient is a good candidate.

  • Comprehensive Tool for Candidate Assesment

  • The Hair Restoration Accessory and software is designed to provide a comprehensive tool for each practitioner to use in the Hair Consultation room. Providing the patient an accurate and crucial assessment of their hair.

  • Superior Assessment of Hair Growth

  • Utilizing a 1 cm2 field, the Hair Restoration Accessory Software is able to clearly and definitively count and store each individual follicle as well as accurately access the number ofhairs per follicle for a superior overall assessment of hair growth.

  • Rapid Access to Analysis

  • The Software is the first cloud-based system with proprietary software for hair follicle evaluations. All images are stored in secured vault in the cloud. This gives you the ability to access images on most mobile devices anywhere you are.

  • Intuitive to Use

  • The hardware coupled with the proprietary software specific for hair restoration needs has been designed for ease of use. The software is smartly designed so each user can provide patient hair valuation and documentation within minutes.

Patient Conversion

Digital images showing the level of hair loss provides immediate evidence to the patients during the consultation, motivating them to engage in AuraLUX hair therapy or other therapies depending on physician recommendation

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