Pea Protein Concentrate

Pea protein digests slowly, which makes it perfect for taking before you go to bed, and which may also make it better for improving body composition over time than faster-digesting options like whey. A recent study on 161 healthy humans found that In addition to an appropriate training, supplementation with pea protein promoted a greater increase of muscle thickness as compared to Placebo and especially for people starting or returning to a muscular strengthening. Since no difference was obtained between the two protein groups, vegetable pea proteins could be used as an alternative to Whey-based dietary products. Peas are also a superior source of non-heme iron and more readily absorbed when combined with vitamin C.

Specifically, there’s evidence that slower-digesting proteins are better for muscle growth over the long term due to how your body’s muscle-building machinery processes amino acids into muscle tissue.​

Pea protein isolate is about 85% protein, 7% fat, 3% carbohydrate, and 5% vitamins and minerals.