Cellulase Enzyme

The activity of cellulase is commonly to break down cellulose and convert it into beta-glucose.

Since the human organism is not able to digest cellulose, people can take cellulase supplements in order to obtain the beta-glucose needed within the body. Glucose, or better known as blood sugar, is an important energy source that keeps people energized. Inside the stomach and intestinal canal beta-glucose can be extremely viscous. However, when ingested properly it reduces carbohydrates and fat absorption, maintaining proper cholesterol and appropriate sugar blood levels. 

First of all, they keep under control sugar blood levels, by converting cellulose into beta-glucose. Also, they preserve an optimal cholesterol level and can also lower cholesterol. Another benefit of cellulase is that it eliminates toxic chemicals, free radicals and other harmful organisms from cell membranes. It even promotes the development of biofilm in cellulose. Last but not least, this particular enzyme is useful for breaking down some elements found in the microbial biofilms called polysaccharides.